History of Morris Plains Shoes

Morris Plains Shoes & Repair is a family owned business that has been providing expert service and quality products to customers for nearly a century. Below are pictures of our business from past to present. Thank you for your interest in our business. We have seen 4 generations of time pass since our doors first opened. Come on in and see what all of this experience means to our patrons.

Carmen Pepe in 1920 Shoe Store & Repair Stirling, NJ

The Pepe Family 1930 Summit, NJ

Carmen Pepe & Anthony Pepe Sr. 1931 Boonton, NJ

Anthony Pepe Sr. in 1966. Bernardsville, NJ

Anthony Pepe Sr. Anthony Jr. 1980 Morris Plains Shoes Our Humble Beginnings as a repair shop.

Anthony & Ralph Morris Plains Shoes. On Our 20th Anniversary.

Our 2001 Isuzu Truck. The shoe store with wheels. Carries over 550 pair of safety shoes.

2010: Our 26 ft. state-of-the-art truck holds over 1200 pairs

2013: Our two brand new additions to our shoe mobile fleet.